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AKUMA Meth Injection kit, more horsepower please!!… REDUCED PRICE!!

Hello GT-R owners! We’ve finally got our Akuma Spec Aquamist Methanol kits for the R35 GT-Rs. Akuma Motorsports have done all the R&D along with Aquamist to make this kit as easy to install as possible for your local shop. We are the sole distributors for this product, so if there are any questions whether it may be you or the shop you can contact us directly.  Instructions are also included to make this much more clear and easy. Tuning is necessary as well but with our promotion we’re doing in honor of this product we will throw a package together. The cost of the Akuma Motorsports Aquamist kit will be priced at $1100.00 . The meth kit was priced at $1499.00 so that is a hefty discount!



In the box will come with the following:
160 psi Water Pump
6 meter of 6mm nylon hose
2 meter of 4mm nylon hose
15A fused water pump harness with 40A relay
75mm stainless hose clip and support bracket
HFS-6 Flow Control Module with 2.5M of red capped RJ45
0.9mm water jet in plastic bag
4mm Y-piece in plastic bag
2 M8 x 1/8 NPT jet adapter with plug
Water tank adapter 1/8 BSP
6mm quick fit elbow
100 micron inline water filter
4x M5x40mm bolt, washers and fasteners for pump
1x M6 grounding stud with washers and nut
5-port brass manifold
2x blanking plugs
1x 6mm to1/8 BSP compression fitting
6mm to 1/8 bsp elbow for water tank outlet
4mm compresssion fitting for flow control outlet
6mm compression fitting for flow control outlet
22cc surge arrestor/accumulator
Water pump harness 6 meter of #12 AWG cable
6 meter of multicore cable with blue RJ45
HFS-6 Control Box
Water level Switch with connector
DDS3 Dash Gauge with 1.5 meter 8 way cable
2 meter of multicore with jellow capped RJ45 for ECU interface, fail-safe and map switching
User Manual

Quick summary of the functions of the HFS-6′s main control panel.

Jumper links (default):
# System is triggered by Fuel IDC % (second from left)
# Spare jumper link is in parked position
# Water injection is enabled. Unlink for “dry-run” test

Three onboard LEDs:
# Green LED: Fuel idc detection. Grows brighter as IDC increases
# Amber LED: The trigger point is reached, water injection commences
# Red LED: The water injection has almost reached its full flow.

Potentiometers to manipulate the flow curve. (Adjustment is optional – preset at 12 o’clock):
# THRES ADJ: Set triggering point to start injection. Default: 42% IDC
# IDC TRIM: Add or subtract IDC% from the starting point. Default: IDC-in = IDC-out
# IDC gain: Alter ramp rate of the IDC-out relative to the IDC-in Default: 1:1 ratio.
# BOOST COMP: Increase the flow to offset the manifold pressure. Default: 2.5V
# FLSF SENS: Failsafe sensitivity/response to over or under flow spikes. Default: 400mS
# FLSF RST: Failsafe reset time after trigger. Default: 3 seconds
# DIM ADJ: Gauge brightness for night driving: Default: 50%