Uncategorized    |    November 21

Keepin it cool!

Look what the mother land brought us today! Its so JDM that the newpaper packaging is in Japanese. What we have here is the HKS Kansai Transmission Oil Cooler for the R35 GT-R. For our serious track junkies out there, this is a must for your Godzilla. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with a fiberglass duct to direct air directly to the cooler, all the accessories you need to mount the kit, and the cooler itself.  The kit mounts on the driver side front bumper right by the washer fluid reservior.  This kit screams engineering but it doesn’t surprise us since it does come from HKS Kansai. Under hard driving laps after laps on the track, The R35 GT-R’s transmission oil temperature will be overheating and causing the car goes into limp mode. HKS Kansai notices the problem and develop their own transmission oil cooler kit.

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