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Akuma GTR Big MAF(BM) Intakes. The right mods for the most power.

We have spent countless hours working with the new R35 GTR.  From  the early days working at Cobb, until now, this car has been a staple in the Akuma Motorsports vocabulary.  We have put our usual attention to detail in these intakes and they have proven to work flawlessly.  Unlike many intakes on the market, the AKUMA BM Intake tunes very easily.  It retains consistent MAF values throughout the MAF curve.  Goodbye to P0700 codes from the other intakes your tuner may have worked with.  These intakes walk the walk and talk the talk. AVAILABLE IN POLISED SILVER OR GLOSS BLACK.

SEAMLESS ONE PIECE Construction, NO WELDS in the intake tract!!!
SUPERIOR FLOW:  BM is the solution for the guys running more than 17PSI on STG or STG2+ cars.  Makes tuning big injectors a breeze!
**All the necessary clamps are provided in both kits for a drop in installation with a screwdriver and a 10mm socket  NO NEED TO REMOVE THE BUMPER!**


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AKUMA Meth Injection kit, more horsepower please!!… REDUCED PRICE!!

Hello GT-R owners! We’ve finally got our Akuma Spec Aquamist Methanol kits for the R35 GT-Rs. Akuma Motorsports have done all the R&D along with Aquamist to make this kit as easy to install as possible for your local shop. We are the sole distributors for this product, so if there are any questions whether it may be you or the shop you can contact us directly.  Instructions are also included to make this much more clear and easy. Tuning is necessary as well but with our promotion we’re doing in honor of this product we will throw a package together. The cost of the Akuma Motorsports Aquamist kit will be priced at $1100.00 . The meth kit was priced at $1499.00 so that is a hefty discount!



In the box will come with the following:
160 psi Water Pump
6 meter of 6mm nylon hose
2 meter of 4mm nylon hose
15A fused water pump harness with 40A relay
75mm stainless hose clip and support bracket
HFS-6 Flow Control Module with 2.5M of red capped RJ45
0.9mm water jet in plastic bag
4mm Y-piece in plastic bag
2 M8 x 1/8 NPT jet adapter with plug
Water tank adapter 1/8 BSP
6mm quick fit elbow
100 micron inline water filter
4x M5x40mm bolt, washers and fasteners for pump
1x M6 grounding stud with washers and nut
5-port brass manifold
2x blanking plugs
1x 6mm to1/8 BSP compression fitting
6mm to 1/8 bsp elbow for water tank outlet
4mm compresssion fitting for flow control outlet
6mm compression fitting for flow control outlet
22cc surge arrestor/accumulator
Water pump harness 6 meter of #12 AWG cable
6 meter of multicore cable with blue RJ45
HFS-6 Control Box
Water level Switch with connector
DDS3 Dash Gauge with 1.5 meter 8 way cable
2 meter of multicore with jellow capped RJ45 for ECU interface, fail-safe and map switching
User Manual

Quick summary of the functions of the HFS-6′s main control panel.

Jumper links (default):
# System is triggered by Fuel IDC % (second from left)
# Spare jumper link is in parked position
# Water injection is enabled. Unlink for “dry-run” test

Three onboard LEDs:
# Green LED: Fuel idc detection. Grows brighter as IDC increases
# Amber LED: The trigger point is reached, water injection commences
# Red LED: The water injection has almost reached its full flow.

Potentiometers to manipulate the flow curve. (Adjustment is optional – preset at 12 o’clock):
# THRES ADJ: Set triggering point to start injection. Default: 42% IDC
# IDC TRIM: Add or subtract IDC% from the starting point. Default: IDC-in = IDC-out
# IDC gain: Alter ramp rate of the IDC-out relative to the IDC-in Default: 1:1 ratio.
# BOOST COMP: Increase the flow to offset the manifold pressure. Default: 2.5V
# FLSF SENS: Failsafe sensitivity/response to over or under flow spikes. Default: 400mS
# FLSF RST: Failsafe reset time after trigger. Default: 3 seconds
# DIM ADJ: Gauge brightness for night driving: Default: 50%

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Look at what we have here!

All of our parts are finally in, including our Akuma Road Course Spec Turbos. Besides the parts that were listed in the posts below, we now have Okada Project coils, Endless Stainless brake lines, Deatschwerks 730 cc injectors that were custom made for us, and Synapse GT-R BOV Kit. We will have more update, final mods list, and our dyno sheet coming soon. Stay tuned!!

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Kickin’ it old school.

Akuma Motorsports presents the public with a project we’ve been looking forward to. We will be swapping a Rb26DETT motor into this 1975 Datsun 260z. As the build goes on, we will keep an update but the car got dropped off today. We will be taking apart this old school ride, so keep it locked here for pics!!



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Look at what we found!

As we disassemble the motor on our Mazdaspeed 3 build, we are also looking for signs why the engine popped. After a took a closer look at everything we have found a MAJOR issue with the intake valves. All of them was covered in what looks to be sludge. I apologize in advance for poor picture, as it was difficult to get proper lighting inside the head. Take a look!

- Alex

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A bit of Mazda at Akuma Motorsports.

Akuma Motorsports serve a variety of vehicles such as Nissan,  Subie,  Mitsu, and anything you can throw at us. We deal with a good amount of Mazda Speeds here as well. This is a teaser shot of our full engine build for one of our customers. There aren’t many Mazda Speeds out there compared to the Subies and Evos, so to have one here for us to full build is very exciting. The vehicle is getting Carrillo Rods and CP pistons, more info about the vehicle will be released as the build moves forward. Make sure to check back here for updates!



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Keepin it cool!

Look what the mother land brought us today! Its so JDM that the newpaper packaging is in Japanese. What we have here is the HKS Kansai Transmission Oil Cooler for the R35 GT-R. For our serious track junkies out there, this is a must for your Godzilla. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with a fiberglass duct to direct air directly to the cooler, all the accessories you need to mount the kit, and the cooler itself.  The kit mounts on the driver side front bumper right by the washer fluid reservior.  This kit screams engineering but it doesn’t surprise us since it does come from HKS Kansai. Under hard driving laps after laps on the track, The R35 GT-R’s transmission oil temperature will be overheating and causing the car goes into limp mode. HKS Kansai notices the problem and develop their own transmission oil cooler kit.

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More Goodies Have Arrived!!

As I walked into work Today, the first thing I see are these four GREEN looking stick things. I paused for a second and it finally clicked to me, these are the brand new Tein Super Street Circuit Masters Ultimate spec coilovers with Dual EDFCs. Not are these only adjustable on the fly in-cabin for compression, they can also be adjusted for rebound. For those who are afraid to loose the functions of eletronic dampening these are the coilovers for you. On the EDFC control box, you can have 3 different damper settings for different driving conditions.

TEIN Super Racing (SRC) coilovers feature Teflon coated mono-tube constructed dampers in a full length adjustable design allowing for adjustment to ride height separate from suspension stroke. The SRC design utilizes external reservoirs both front and rear allowing for independent damping force adjustment to compression and rebound. Pillowball uppermounts are also incorporated for added suspension response by eliminating deflection at the uppermount.

Another pretty piece that came in are the Forge Actuators. These are nothing short of spectacular from functionality and looks. These actuators will benefit boost taper up top compared to the stock pieces, control boost better, and also a nice looking piece to put in your engine bay. GTR Actuators from Forge Motorsports are adjustable and come with three different springs: 10-15psi, 14-18psi, and 19-24psi. Like all turbo setups, getting the correct spring for your wastegate is critical. An improperly setup wastegate will cause boost lag or creep and reduce the performance of your GT-R.

Our Endless Brake Pads have come in as well. These pads are top notch and should make our GT-R very capable for both street and track use. These not only offer an increased performance in stopping but also provided excellent inital bite. Check them out!

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Update on our GT-R build.

We have gotten our first couple of mods in the car, and still waiting the rest of the parts. Below you will see some of the finest parts from the mother land. First is the Mines Full Titanium Catback Exhaust, the fit and finish is one of the best we’ve seen. We have also included the Espirt Intercooler with the pipe kit. We will be utilizing the HKS EVC 6 to control boost on our Akuma Road Course Spec turbos. Watch out for updates!

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Akuma’s New Track Monster

Akuma Motorsports has recently been given the opportunity to build one of the most well rounded track car the GT-R community will see. The goal of this particular build is to have a car that you can drive to the track, run phenomenal times, and at the end of the day drive the car home without issues. The car is not meant to be a full drag car, or a dyno queen. What you will see is a car that is prepped for road racing and track events. Parts that were chosen for this particular build covers all aspects of the vehicle, from the intricate mods for power to handling. Exact mod list will be posted soon as the build progresses further. Below are the teaser pics for the build. Enjoy!